Top 5 Things to Do in Liverpool

When you’re visiting a new place you don’t know much about, the travel’s guide or web search is your best friend. Each city or town has a lot of interesting places to be at, things to see, but sometimes even those who live in the city for ages don’t know some of those. Yet, if you want to make your experience in Liverpool unique, there are some places you just can’t miss. So, whenever you get into town, don’t forget to stop by.

The Most Famous Liverpool’s Go to Places

This short guide will tell you about some gorgeous places, including libraries, museum, some places for the football and music fans. No matter who you are, in this charming town you’ll find something for yourself.

  1. Casbah coffee.
    It’s the first stop for the Beatles fans since it’s the coffee house where they used to play their first songs. Some of the city tours start right with this place, so make sure you’ll visit it at the right time when there will be not that many people.
  2. Calderstones park.
    For some reason, people who come into a new city don’t care much about the parks and the green areas around, but this one is worthy to go to. Calderstones park is not a tourist place, but it’s right from the early 1900’s and it preserved this special spirit of the old times.
  3. Princes Road synagogue.
    This one could be of much interest not only to the members of the Jewish community. It’s a beautiful building with some loveliest people who will be willing to show you around.
  4. Liverpool Anfield stadium.
    Of course, so many people come to Liverpool just for the football matches. And indeed, Liverpool fc tickets are sold out pretty quickly, so don’t hesitate to get some and see an exciting match with your friends or family. The club plays a huge role in the life of the city and it influenced it a lot. Also, football tourists bring a lot of money into Liverpool’s economy and to local businesses.
  5. Maritime museum.
    If you are a history buff and are fond of the sea and the ships, this is a wonderful place to go to. Indeed, it’s amazing how big the museum is and how many new things in can show you.

Liverpool Is More Than Child-Friendly

If you’re worrying that you won’t be able to get enough rest with your kids and make them occupied, you should know that most of the places in the city are child-friendly. So you can easily take your kids with you and find them something to do. In a lot of museums, there are some things for kids to look at, so they won’t get bored. And the stadium tour will make your child over-excited and full of emotions.

It’s a lovely city that brings you a lot of positive feelings and leaves its mark on you. The people of Liverpool are also very friendly and helpful, and moreover, they’re used to tourists. So if you get lost or find yourself in some kind of trouble, they’ll be right there to help you. All of this makes the city a nice place to see and to remember.