Food is a big thing and an attraction for tourists and many people. And since most of the people are not ready to live on sandwiches and coffee the whole time, it’s quite a wide industry. Liverpool is really a unique place for this, an old port town, embracing many ships as well as their cultures and goods, the food choice of the city became luxurious and broad. And even now some of the old and the new dishes remain a famous attraction, and you can’t say you’ve been to Liverpool of you haven’t tried some of those.

The Best Places with Great Food Choice

  • Rookwood Bar and ‘Cue.
    The sticky board is just a must-try, and the huge amounts of meat might not be the healthiest choice, but you’ll be licking your fingers.
  • Tavern Co.
    This is the place where you’ll get the best breakfast and they’ll make it old style. There is a wide variety of foods, but something just makes the place look old-fashioned and just like a picture from the films about the 1920’s.
  • Liverpool Stadium.
    Oh, the football fans will totally get it. It’s not just a variety of places to eat nearby the stadium, but also some great food sold right at the stadium. It can’t be called an official meal, but some good snacks make the game even more exciting if you’re planning on going there. Just keep in mind that liverpool fc tickets are hard to come by after a few days of being on sale.
  • Soul Café.
    If you’ve been wandering shopping, or there is a long road ahead and it’s the brunch time, there is nothing better than a milkshake and something light to chew on. There is something amazing about the place and the food is just perfect for the late breakfast time.

A Must-Have List of Dishes to Try

  • What else would you expect to be in the first place? This delicious meat stew with vegetables reminds you of the old times and fills you up.
  • Wet Nelly.
    Let’s switch to desserts! What a usage of the stale bread! Actually, this cake is especially delicious but is hard to come nowadays. And if it’s made in the traditional way, it turns out to be even better and less sugary.
  • Toad in the hole.
    The city is really historic and that’s why there are so many meals with a very long story behind them. This one is the real food of the 18’th century worker, of course with must better meat and with all the sanitary standards of the 21’st century met!
  • Everton mints.

Those are really good and really British. Peppermint-flavored, brown and white, those simple sweets won’t taste as something special but will remind you of your childhood and your granny for some strange reason.


The food of the city is its face and its image. Liverpool has a long story, and many peoples coming into the city changed not just its appearance, but its tastes as well. There are a lot of places with different cuisines, so you can find even the most exotic meals. But make sure you try something good-old-British and get the real picture of the city and the country with it.