The fact that the town was founded in the 13th century promises you a great and eventful story, which left its print everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting the city for the first time, or you’ve been here for a while now, but the buildings and the amount of the historical sites continue to amaze you. Being a port city, Liverpool has this shade of many cultures and time periods and you can feel it when walking those old streets. Also port city in all cultures meant that this is a good city for trade, which made Liverpool rich, flourishing, embracing and quite tolerant, opened for everyone.

5 Interesting Facts About Liverpool

There is no need to go through the tons of pages, some exciting facts will tell you much more of this lovely place.

    1. The most successful footballing city in
      27 League Championships, 11 FA Cups, 6 League Cups – go, Liverpool, go Everton. The city is the home for two great football teams and getting some liverpool fc tickets to visit the match is a special kind of pleasure.
    2. Anglican Cathedral is massive.
      Is also known to be the largest in the UK and the 5th largest in the world.
    3. Scouse is a special city treat.
      It’s a regular beef stew, but the people of Liverpool have been eating it for ages now.
  1. The home of the Beatles.
    This is a pilgrimage place for the music fans, the Beatles used to play in many small coffee houses and other places of Liverpool.
  2. First lending library.
    It had been built here. Also, the first school for the blind, the first American consul and many other things appeared first in Liverpool, due to the openness for trade and liberalism.

Finding Something for Yourself and Your Family

It’s also a family-friendly city, and you can find a lot of things to do here. There are a lot of museums and parks to see and some interesting attractions designed especially for little kids. Remember that there are many gorgeous places that are not usually on the touristic maps, but still are nice to visit. Actually, the best way to get the real image of the city is to visit the places for the local people, there you’ll find the nicest coffee places and the greenest parks.

The city has a lot to show you and a lot to share with you. Most likely you will remember the places you’ve visited here for a long time and the taste of the scouse will haunt you in the sweetest dreams.