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We’re happy to welcome you on the pages of this website, dedicated to the amazing city of Liverpool and everything about it. You’ve most likely have heard of this old city, with a rich ongoing history and of course of the famous and successful Liverpool football club. The everlasting “You’ll never walk alone” can be a good motto for the city as well as characteristics of its citizens.

We’re trying to provide you with the high-quality content, that will cover the interest of the readers of all kinds. Our specialists are working on getting the non-biased news, that focus primarily on the city and everything that happens around, on finding the information of the upcoming events to go. You can always find the best attractions and the notices of the festivals, openings, things to see, which is convenient if you’re planning some family bonding activities or are looking for something of interest.

Football fans will get all the needed information about the matches since it’s the well-known city business card and a bait for many new people coming. The city is trading well and is flourishing, so all the information about the newest places opening will appear here too. If you’re looking for community service or any other places so meet new people and help the community of the city – it’s the go-to place.

We are working to create this lovely atmosphere of neighborhood and fraternity that unites our team and the local folks. That’s why the website is supposed to promote this warm understanding and community feelings that are so important in the world of globalization and detachment.

We would be more than happy if you decide to help our developing site with your feedback and suggestions for improvement. The opinion of the readers matters for us, since all of the work done here, is dedicated to you. So if you have any questions or ideas make sure you write to us!

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